Professional Stainless Steel Kitchens for your Home

AWELT develops and diversifies an incredibly topical furniture design, namely, professional stainless steel kitchens for your house. We use the cutting edge technologies of food processing and cooking in our kitchens. We combine ergonomics and chef’s kitchen elements, coziness and professional appliances which have been very naturally integrated in the overall kitchen design.

(Русский) профессиональная кухня из металла AWELT
House by AWELT

Projects of professional kitchens for your house

(Русский) повар готовит пасту
(Русский) овощи и зелень на деревянной доске
(Русский) морепродукты
(Русский) нарезанное мясо
Solution framing

New opportunities with professional kitchen appliances

By installing multifunctional and state-of-the-art appliances we make a real chef’s kitchen with extended processing capacities.

(Русский) повар готовит пасту
House by AWELT

Choose professional appliances to your taste

(Русский) пароконвектомат
(Русский) встраиваемая техника
(Русский) профессиональная плита из стали

Concept designs

We make stainless steel furniture and kitchens which are out of time and seasons