AWELT Kitchen on the DACHA OTVET program on NTV

The Awelt kitchen in “jungles” on NTV

Our kitchen has become one of the heroes of the TV show “Dacha Answer” on the NTV channel!


The combination of kitchen and living room is one of the most popular ways to organize space. In the “Dacha Answer” show, designers faced a difficult task: to create a feeling of a unified dining and living area, harmoniously combining feminine and masculine elements.


One of the main highlights of this interior was the Awelt kitchen made of stainless steel! Not only did it harmoniously fit into the overall interior concept, but it also became its centerpiece, captivating admiring looks! And we are very pleased that our kitchen was highly appreciated not only by representatives of the female gender! The heroes of the show are theatrical actors. Therefore, in their kitchen-living room, the “Dacha Answer” show played an exciting interior performance. The finish was mixed with marble imitation, metal and dark wood, and the center of the room was turned into green jungles through painting in the style of artist Henri Rousseau.


Darya and Anton Anosov are classmates-actors. They fell in love with each other during rehearsals for the final performance. In addition to her service as an actress in the theater, Darya teaches jazz dance to students at the Shepkinsky school. Dasha has been dancing since she was six years old. She is a candidate for a Master of Sports, a semi-finalist of the World Championship in Sports Ballroom Dancing. Anton, at 29 years old, plays the role of old man Firs in Chekhov’s “Cherry Orchard”. This unexpected assignment to the role was made by the director of the play Andrei Konchalovsky.



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