We create a unified concept of your house’s “life” - Master kitchens where you cook; - Professional kitchens for house for professionals to cook for you and your guests; - BBQ areas where you cook at one with nature; - Laundry rooms to wash and keep things which will make your day tomorrow
How did it all start
AWELT is an independent brand
AWELT’s history started in 2008 when a successful company operating in the Russian market of professional kitchen appliances decided to use its expertise and knowledge to design professional kitchens for private houses, apartments and contemporary urbanistic lofts. The first kitchens were similar to all home kitchens of the time, but were made of stainless steel, and that was a pioneering work then.
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Our strengths
New brand concept
First kitchens were similar to all home kitchens of the time, but were made of stainless steel, and that was a pioneering work then. However, those kitchens lacked conceptual design solutions, they rather attracted intellectuals who sought for new interior designs. In the long run we have changed our view of the Furniture we offer, the concept of style, understanding of the kitchen functions and brand philosophy. We have realized that we are unique in establishing new trends: eco-friendliness | professionalism | all-season usage.
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We have realized that many people need our kitchens for various reasons. - Individuals with allergy - AWELT kitchens are made of stainless steel and do not release allergens; - Owners of summer houses and cottages with temporary stay period - Loft and Techno style lovers, who like the mix of metal and natural materials. Wir haben verstanden dass viele Menschen viele Gründe haben für unsere Küchen. - Antiallergen-Küchen von AWELT sind aus reinem Edelstahl gefertigt und sind frei von jeglichen Allergiestoffen. - Ferienhausbesitzer die nicht das ganze Jahr dort verbringen Liebhaber des Stills Loft und Techno, Kombinationen von Metall mit Naturmaterialen.
островная белая кухня
- Fans of cooking at home using professional appliances. - People who need a professional home kitchen where food will be cooked for them, their guests and staff. - People who wish to make barbecue on the roof and terrace of their house. - Residents of coastal regions. We have designed several kitchen lines to cover all your needs. Now, years later, we have become the leaders of the Russian and Eastern Europe markets in manufacturing professional kitchens for house and cooking concept projects for houses on shore and by the sea.
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All information about AWELT kitchens in a short presentation