Interior Design Portal 4living.гu – Evgenia Soboleva talks about stainless steel furniture

What makes stainless steel furniture so good, how to take care of it, and why it is trending today is explained by the CEO of AWELT.


AWELT is a Russian company with German roots. In 1973, it was a small design bureau. Over time, the brand began to design and produce furniture made of stainless steel. In 2008, AWELT opened a furniture factory in Serpukhov, near Moscow. Furniture is made using German technologies on Japanese equipment.


About the material. Steel can be used to make very stylish, modern pieces of furniture, such as bathroom furniture or kitchen units. Steel looks noble, unlike particleboard or plastic, it is environmentally friendly and very durable. By the way, professional cooks prefer kitchens made of stainless steel.


About style: Undoubtedly, it is hi-tech, but modern, pliable, inspired by our local specificity. We largely rely on recognized masters of the genre – Italian designers – but always take into account the Russian specificity. The Russian consumer in this regard is already almost European – the times of popularity of colored MDF are over. In trend is the loft, hi-tech, minimalism style, and therefore furniture made of steel.


About limitations: There are practically none. Steel is used not only in the exterior surfaces of our furniture, but also in the interior spaces: all details and connections, even those invisible to the eye, are made exclusively of reliable and safe steel. Our furniture can be used not only in an apartment or on a warm dacha, but even in a completely unheated room, on open terraces, in the air.


About Fingerprints. We constantly monitor new developments. From recent: we started using stainless steel with ANTI FINGER surface in production, that is, “anti-finger”. No fingerprints are left on such steel, it is perfect in use. This will undoubtedly please the hearts of many Russian women.


About novelties. Recently, we have started producing interior furniture: chairs, sofas, tables, consoles, and chairs. Bases are made from polished stainless steel, and sofa cushions, chair upholstery, and chair cushions can be made of either leather or fabric. There are interesting solutions for tables – tabletops are made of glass, and the frame can be made of mirrored sheet stainless steel. This turns the table into a true work of art!

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